The Restaurant Shuffle

Are you hungry? Do you not know where you want to eat? No searching for the user! We have done the research for you; you make the decision!

We know that restaurants exist in our area, but sometimes we just cannot decide where or what we would like to eat, let alone even know what restaurants are open.

Using Decide-N-Dine is the fun, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way to decide where the user wants to eat, based on what restaurants are open near them.

One by one, Decide-N-Dine displays to the user only OPEN restaurants near them until a decision is made.  The user can swipe left if not interested in a restaurant in order to keep searching, or swipe right to view the particular restaurant’s photos, menu, daily specials, give that restaurant a call, or be given directions to that restaurant.

Our app only portrays open restaurants during the restaurant shuffle!  No more worrying about a restaurant being closed, it will not appear on your screen!

It is time to Decide N Dine!


Special Aspects

  • Less Research, More Deciding
  • No Reviews
    • Everyone has a different taste for food. What one person find to be a great restaurant, another may find to be sub par. Everyone should experience restaurants, cuisines, and atmospheres, while being their own food critic. Get out.. live.. and experience dining first hand
  • We are always striving to add new restaurants to Decide-N-Dine, with the ultimate goal of helping consumers find great places to eat, all while providing restaurants a nationwide platform to advertise and heighten their brand awareness.


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